Redundancy Masterclass: 14 September @ Blackadders Offices Dundee

Redundancy has become a complex area of law where the simplest of errors can potentially be costly for employers.  This session is intended for HR professionals who have some knowledge of the law on redundancy and who may require to conduct such exercises in the future.

Our award winning Employment team intends to cover the practicalities of a redundancy exercise including:

  • Individual and collective consultation
  • Voluntary redundancy exercises
  • The principles of bumping and employees on maternity leave
  • Entitlement to time off to look for other work and redundancy pay
  • Lay-offs and short term working
  • Renewal of contract, re-engagement and trial periods

As well as covering the up-to-date law and recent employment tribunal decisions on work place redundancies, delegates will leave the training session with a raft of style letters, suggested agendas for consultation meetings and associated documents which should allow the delegates to carry out a lawful, robust and efficient redundancy exercise.  Simon will also give some tips on how to limit risk during the process so that, if faced with an employment tribunal claim in the future, this can be resisted swiftly and effectively.

  • Simon Allisonhead of employment law, regularly assists clients with ongoing redundancy exercises and is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in employment law.  Simon is ranked in Chambers and Partners as a leader in his field.
  • Blackadders was named the Employment Team of the Year 2016 at the Scottish Legal Awards in Edinburgh earlier this year.


  • Date: 14 September, 9am-11am breakfast seminar (catering will be provided).
  • Location: 30 & 34 Reform Street, Dundee DD1 1RJ.
  • Cost: £25 per delegate.
  • Registering: If you would like to attend this seminar, please send an e-mail to to book your place. Payment will be required in advance of the seminar. Payment can be made by cheque payable to BlackaddersLLP which can be sent to Blackadders, 30 & 34 Reform Street, Dundee, DD1 1RJ, marked for the attention of Scott Grant.

Take a Pikachu at the new-est Pokemon Pest: Singapore employee fired for social media misconduct

Are you excited about Pokemon Go coming to the UK?  I can think of nothing better than spending my lunchtime racing round the city centre with my smartphone and my team trying to capture the latest Pokemon characters.  Will I find a Charizard in the Caird Hall?  Will there be a Dragonite lurking in Bank Street?  Either way, I am going to try and contain my excitement about this new game and, unlike a Singapore resident, resist temptation to use social media as a vehicle for my uncontrollable anticipation.

Be careful what you post! An employee had their contract terminated for an outburst on Facebook related to the new smart-phone Pokemon game. 

Mr Truyen was allegedly sacked by his employer after a profanity-laden rant on Facebook inspired by the unavailability of this smartphone game in Singapore.  He posted that Singapore was filled with “stupid people” and said that the national IQ would fall if he left.  Unfortunately for Mr Truyen, his posts were picked up by his employer who subsequently apologised for his comments and proceeded to terminate his employment.

Although this incident occurred outwith the UK, it is a prime example of how employers should be careful about offensive posts which purport to have come from their employees.  Employers should be proactive in understanding the various social media forums, creating policies, monitoring and educating staff about social media usage.  They should also be reactive in terms of taking action against offending employees, where appropriate.  If in doubt, employers should take legal advice as a matter of urgency.

So do not drive yourself into having a complete cream Jigglypuff because Pokemon Go is not yet available in the UK.  Similarly don’t risk reducing your CV to Ash solely on account of this issue.  If you take a quick Pikachu at this recent turn of events, I shouldn’t need to Raichu a letter outlining the dangers in combining Pokemon Rage with social media and the subsequent risk of getting Blastoise’d from your employment.

Simon Allison
Partner – Head of Employment Law