Victory for Disabled Couple

A recent case brought under the Equality Act 2010 should stand as a warning for employers that staff should be trained on discrimination law.


A disabled couple have won a discrimination case against G1 Group, a leisure company, after they were denied access to a nightclub in Glasgow.

The club’s management explained to the couple that they had no disabled facilities and could not accommodate the wheelchair users. The couple insisted they did not need such facilities. Robert Gale, who has cerebral palsy, crawled up the stairs to prove to management that he did not require assistance, however management called  the police, apparently due to the couple’s “disorderly and anti-social conduct”.

It was held at Glasgow Sheriff Court that G1 had unlawfully discriminated against the pair and they were awarded £2000 in compensation.

G1 Group blame this incident on a misunderstanding by staff in relation to wheelchair access at the club and have stated that the staff concerned have been provided with further training since the incident.

This case goes to show that there is a very real risk to employers when the staff members are not trained on equality legislation.

Cheryl Hogg 
Trainee Solicitor – Employment Law

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