Employment Law Roadshow 2013 – Legal Reforms

There are various significant changes to employment law which came into force today as part of the Government’s ongoing overhaul of employment law.

The following key reforms are effective as of 29th July 2013:-

 ·         Introduction of fees for bringing claims both in Employment Tribunals and the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

·         New format for Employment Tribunal claim forms (ET1) to provide for the fees now payable on lodging claims.

·         Amended rules of procedure in Employment Tribunals which provide for an initial sift of all claims and responses by an Employment Judge (amongst other significant rule changes).

·         Amended Employment Appeal Tribunal rules of procedure.

·         New statutory cap on compensatory awards in unfair dismissals of 52 weeks’ pay (the current statutory cap of £74,200 also remains in place and the lower of the two caps will apply).

·         Compromise agreements re-named settlement agreements and new pre-termination settlement discussions introduced which will generally be inadmissible as evidence in unfair dismissal claims.

·         Interest on unpaid tribunal awards accrues from the day after the judgment was sent to the parties unless the award is paid within 14 days.

Many of these changes will be covered in more depth during our forthcoming seminars at Angus College on Wednesday 14th of August (12pm) and Discovery Point on Thursday 15th of August (8:30am). We hope that you can make it along to one of these events which will provide information on the most radical shake up of employment law of recent times.

Jack Boyle
Solicitor – Employment Law


For more information on our Employment Roadshow and on how to register, please visit our website.



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