Property Factors Registration Open From 30 July 2012

Property factors across Scotland can sign up to a compulsory registration scheme from Monday 30 July 2012.

Registration is a central element of the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011, new legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament last year. Factors will also have to comply with a statutory code of conduct. They have until October 1 to register but could start doing so from yesterday.

About 225,000 homeowners across Scotland use property managers to carry out repair and maintenance responsibilities of communal areas of buildings and housing estates.

Infrastructure Secretary Alex Neil said: “The majority of property factors provide a good, effective service. This new law means that for the first time consumers will have access to information to judge good service and for property factors, an opportunity to demonstrate the quality of their services.

“Compulsory registration is good news for consumers and will help enhance the reputation and integrity of the property managing industry.”

Iain Friel, vice-president of the Property Managers Association Scotland, welcomes the new code of conduct.

“Our members believe that the new legislation will benefit the property management industry, not only providing consumers with a recognised system of redress, it will also provide property factors an opportunity to demonstrate the necessary dedication, skill and experience required in the professional management of common property throughout Scotland.”

Nicola McCafferty 
Senior Solicitor – Commercial Property

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