The costly typo – changes to company names examination policy

With effect from 1 September 2011, Companies House will reject company names on documents which contain minor variations or typographical errors.  The only exceptions are as follows:

  1. “Co” may be used instead of “Company”;
  2. “&” may be used instead of “and”
  3. the word “THE” may be omitted, but only at the front of a company name; and
  4. certain standard abbreviations, such as “Ltd”, “plc” and “LLP”, will continue to be accepted.

The objective of the policy is twofold – (a) to ensure that documents are entered on the correct company record and (b) to reduce the current level of rejected documents.  Logic would suggest that tightening the examination policy will not reduce the number of rejections, but perhaps Companies House is hoping that everyone reading this will be that little bit more careful in future.

Entering the correct company name on a form may seem like basic stuff, but avoidable errors do occur and they can be costly.  For example, we have seen clients make elementary errors in relation to dormant annual accounts which have resulted in avoidable fines being levied.

So, don’t be another victim of the costly typo.  If your company requires assistance in its dealings with Companies House, we would be happy to help. 

Kirk Dailly

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