UK renewable energy uptake continues

The Latest Ofgem figures show a boom in small-scale renewable energy systems across the UK.

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff (FIT) by the previous government in April 2010, over 9000 new wind, solar, hydro and micro combined heat and power projects have been installed by both householders and commercial organisations.  Installations in August doubled those in July with nearly 4000 householders going green.

FITs are sometimes better known as ‘Clean Energy Cashbacks’, which describes exactly how they work.

Favourite small-scale renewable energy technologies in the UK remain wind energy and solar power, although hydro-electric power is becoming more popular with almost 40 new projects last month.

The FIT is also attracting European solar companies to the UK. For a fact sheet on the FIT we recommend a visit to the UK energy regulator Ofgem website.

Shaun Mackintosh

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